All that a dream needs to become true is someone who believes that it can come true.

GLANO Wine Growers owns two farms in the Alentejo region (Herdade do Carvalhal with 52 hectares) and another in the Vinho Verde region (Quinta do Coucão with 3 hectares).

We produce wines with grapes from our farms, so we control the entire process and thus guarantee the highest quality.

A quality control is guaranteed in all stages of production from the maturation monitoring of the grapes that will be used in the elaboration of our wines, in the harvesting, in the winemaking up to the bottling and shipping phases of the final product.

Our products are positioned in a medium-high segment in the HORECA channel and in the market segment of Vinhos de Boutique with the development of products of high quality and high added value for our customers.

The wines deserve special mention by the Commission's classifications of the respective wine regions, as well as the obtaining of medals and publications with high scores of great appreciators and recognized in the world of wines.